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Elizabeth Novotny

Controller and Senior Property Manager |
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Elizabeth Novotny

Controller and Senior Property Manager

Novotny is Controller and Senior Property Manager at Margules Properties. She has 24 years of experience in Real Estate management, renovation, analysis and accounting. Her experience in Real Estate Development enables her to project construction and renovation costs, negotiate with and manage vendors, architects, subcontractors and in-house construction crews to meet deadlines, keep costs down, and finish projects on time and on budget. Her experience with NYC rent control and rent stabilization laws, MBR guidelines and Senior Citizen exemptions, greatly enhances her ability to understand how they affect residential income from multi-family investment properties.

Novotny has served as a member of Boards of Directors for several cooperative associations, as well as officer and shareholder for several LLC’s and Limited Partnerships. She has a keen understanding of maximizing operating efficiencies and investment returns. Coupled with her vast understanding of current market trends, she is uniquely positioned to identity hidden potential from the properties. Elizabeth is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of New York.